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BP Vicar
August 12, 2017, 6:07pm Report to Moderator
Special Brew Drinker
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Quoted from Davec

It was Clarke who gifted them the goal

Ahh, was it? Apologies to Collins then. Maybe Clarke thought he was still playing for Coventry.

hopes Scunthorpe lose almost as much as I hope we win.
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August 12, 2017, 6:21pm Report to Moderator

Special Brew Drinker
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Proper shite today and a million miles away from last week. One striker (especially a young one) on his own up front at home is unacceptable. Defensive unit looked completely different to last week's despite only one, enforced change. Dixon was inhibited by his yellow as was facing one of this league's biggest young talents, granted. As predicted by many pre-season we looked slow at the back - evidentally in mind as well as physically.

The first goal is a horror show. The striker is completely within his rights to take it on and go on to score as the ref has had the ball placed where the freekick is supposed to be taken from - as soon as Clarke(?) knocks it backwards it is taken. Don't understand the uproar myself. Town just being Town. The second is similar to the goal on Tuesday - again completely different to how we were at Chesterfield.

There are positives from today believe it or not. We got that difficult first loss of the season out of the way and importantly the midfield has to be changed. I've no idea how Berrett gets a game - I can't think of single attribute he has that I'd look for  in a footballer. A 4/10 in everything.

Amazed how confident Coventry fans are about League Two and I'd find it pretty funny if they came up short at the end of the season. My Mrs went to Coventry uni so I've spent a good deal of time in the city so I know full well which is the biggest shithole.
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August 12, 2017, 6:25pm Report to Moderator
Barley Wine Drinker
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The first half was pretty even. Dembele's run and ball to Jones deserved the latter to at least get it on target. It's early days but I doubt very much whether our midfield will have their various shortcomings highlighted in such dramatic fashion all season. Coventry's midfield four had strength, pace and skill. Having said that I thought Rose did O.K.although he was caught on the ball a few times. I think the criticism of Summerfield is harsh (and if I'm honest smacks of scapegoating). In the first half he made two goal stopping interventions. One from a cross where he took it off their lads boot and the other with the ball bouncing around in the area that he thumped away for a corner. He gave it 100% and I'm not at all sure you can ask for more.
Agree with others about the decision to play Jones out wide, other than to say he had all of our best chances yet couldn't hit the target. Apparently Vernon was named in the original side so must have got an injury during the warm up so possibly that threw a spanner in the works for Slade's game plan-although that may be clutching at straws.
Second half we needed to step up a gear but couldn't. The first goal was beyond ridiculous but you got the feeling that once it went in there was little chance of a leveller. Their number 11 was the best player on the pitch for me but credit due to both central defenders for dealing positively with anything he created. I suspect both Collins and Clarke may question the second concession of a goal from a set piece free header for their second goal-although the scorer must have been about 6 foot 5.
Away from matters on the field it looked a good decision to keep their fans in. Peter's family would've been immensely comforted by a spectacularly good minutes applause. Fair play to the Coventry fans who joined in. For their turn out though I thought they were pretty quiet until the first goal went in.

I have an inferiority complex-It's not a very good one though.
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Mrs Doyle
August 12, 2017, 6:33pm Report to Moderator
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First half not much in it. Second half gifted them a goal in a bizarre free kick mix up clearly Macca shouted something that confused the taker  into thinking Macca was taking it either way the Cov player was alert and took full advantage. The goal knocked the stuffing out of us and we were under pressure after that.Their keeper hardly had a save to make in fact i cannot recall one. Dembelee looked a threat but he needs better service than a high hoof he's not the biggest needs a ball played low into space. Jones was so wasted today he is  better than that but needs too be more central and direct. We really missed a Osbourne type play maker our midfield seemed non existent .

Played as eleven individuals today not good.
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August 12, 2017, 6:34pm Report to Moderator
Fine Wine Drinker
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We were the only League 2 team without a shot on target, according to BBC Sport web site stats  
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August 12, 2017, 6:42pm Report to Moderator

Champagne Drinker
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Quoted from Grimbiggs
Tight game in the first half, in which Jones should of scored....bizarre free kick gifted them a soft goal, and they came on strong second half, and we were poor. A midfield of Berrett, Summerfield and Rose is to static, slow, and created nothing. Sam Jones virtually anonymous on left, i don't why he is played out wide, completely wasted out there. Only bright spark, was glimpses from Dembele again, and new lads came on when game was gone. Slade needs to set up more positivily at home, and we can't start with that midfield and an isolated striker upfront. A poor performance but onwards and upwards. UTM.

Great summary of the game.
The formation today is okay for away games but for home games no thanks. No shots on target says it all for me.
Really missing a trick not playing Jones up front, I think he would get plenty of goals playing up top.
Was so up for today I really thought we would go for it.
Nevermind every cloud has a silver lining Berrett is banned from the next game.

In his three stints as Grimsby Town manager spanning over 10 years the club was never relegated and he also guided them to three promotions.
Only 14 managers have reached 1,000 matches in charge of a Football League team by 1998 and Buckley is one of them.
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August 12, 2017, 6:43pm Report to Moderator

Vodka Drinker
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For all their football experience i really don't know what slade and wilko were thinking playing Jones out wide and playing one striker at home , if your going to do that at least do it properly.


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August 12, 2017, 6:49pm Report to Moderator
Barley Wine Drinker
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Pretty poor spectacle with very little actual "play" from us. Berrett and Summerfield ..NO..they just dont have the tools, not quick, not strong and not technically good enough to run a game, just hope McAllister is genuinely close to a return.
Dembele didnt see enough of the ball to his feet, RS needs to make the team tactic "Pass to Demeble" and we will get chances.
Jones looked unhappy throughout, seemed to let the cr@p ref get to him after he didnt get a couple of fouls against him early on but he was our only goal threat today....was it 0 shots on target overall ??

RS got the starting 11 wrong IMO , we conceded too much of the pitch to Coventry but aside from Dembele and to a lesser degree Cardwell we had no pace to play the counter attack and only Dembele competent enough to carry the ball past players.

JJ & DJ ...JJ is a bigger unit than i thought, won a couple of headers, strong unit....DJ looks like he has a bag of tricks.

Overall disappointing result, didnt actually see how the free kick fluffed up but the second goal looked too easy as well. Early doors but i hope the alternative choices in midfield are available soon and please RS....No square pegs when we have wingers available.

2017/18  WLLLWLWWL              
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August 12, 2017, 6:50pm Report to Moderator

Whiskey Drinker
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Slade not brave enough with his selection at home. He had to have another of the quick lads starting. It's ok to get beat if you've had a go, but it's excrement if you've no ambition to do anything other than stifle the opposition. We played completely into their hands and should have tried to pin them back. Ref was garbage but right to give the goal.

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August 12, 2017, 6:50pm Report to Moderator

Brandy Drinker
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Quoted from lee65
We were the only League 2 team without a shot on target, according to BBC Sport web site stats  

That's correct. Zero shots on target.

Apparently Clarke didn't take the free kick, he was rolling it back to McKeown to take the free kick when their player nipped in and scored. The referee didn't see it that way.
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