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Players I’d keep

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April 12, 2021, 11:55am
Whiskey Drinker
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For any talk of a clean sweep, didn't Bristol Rovers pretty much keep faith with a side that absolutely collapsed to relegation and then went back up at the first time of asking?

Over the course of a season and how poor we've been, I wouldn't normally want a single player to be involved.  That said we've made such improvements under Hurst in terms of shape and organisation that it's hard to not want to retain that.

My personal view is that we need to go into the new season with some stability.  I'd take that stability in most of the back five and Coke ahead of him.  If we can get Hewitt on a new deal and somehow sign Meyanese I'd be delighted.  McKeown is under contract and whilst he has had a poor season, we'll probably do well to better him at Conference level.  Hendrie is out of contract and I wouldn't be disappointed to see him leave.  Regressed too far this season and looks weak.  Habergham is one I'd like to see with a full pre-season in him, I think he's looked steady despite not having played for so long and with no pre-season.   Coke is exactly what we expected Danny Rose, John Welsh, even Sean McAllister to be in midfield.  

Attacking wise we've done no way near enough to stay up this year.  No great loss that Hanson and Green are out of contract and it should hopefully free up the budget for something better.   LJL is under contract and I'm pleased with that.  For his knockers, he'll always prove a very useful foil for someone to get goals.  Problem is we've no-one in our squad capable of benefiting from what he offers.  

Morais, Lamy...meh.  Both showed glimpses but that's it.  Probably a reflection of the dross that preceded them that some think they could play a part.  Morais is under contract whereas Lamy isn't.  

So that leaves new deals for Hewitt, Habergham and Coke.  Trying to sign Meyanese and hoping we can offload anyone under contract who isn't McKeown or LJL.  
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promotion plaice
April 12, 2021, 11:58am

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Quoted from ginnywings
Agree with Ska.

Put the lot of them on a raft and set it out to sea from Brighton slipway like a Viking Funeral. Highest bidder wins the right to fire the burning arrow.

As long as it's not LJL  

I wouldn't say I was the best manager in the business. But I was in the top one.
Brian Clough.
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April 12, 2021, 12:00pm
Table Wine Drinker
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Hewitt (if poss)


Probably be a few being made available who already have contracts for next season thanks Runaway..

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April 12, 2021, 12:00pm

Meths Drinker
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Quoted from promotion plaice

As long as it's not LJL  

Nah! He'll be at BP doing circuits and getting ready for the new season.

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April 12, 2021, 1:55pm
Fine Wine Drinker
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Quoted from dapperz fun pub

So basically keep the team that’s got us relegated 😳 obviously I’m still praying for a miracle

Only a few from 45 players who made the match day squad this season. Those players were signed, coached, trained and selected by a host of managers, assistants, fitness staff etc. after a shocking preseason and with Covid contracts.

If I had actually retained the 'team that got us relegated' I would have to sign most of these 26 players as well:- Macca, Hanson, Green, Rose, Morais, Bennet, Payne, Scannell, Adams, Mizouni, Windsor, Preston, Ohman, Tilley, Edwards, Taylor, Morton, Sisay, Edwards, Gomis, Adlard, Painter, Curran, Khouri, Mohsni etc, etc,

Some of those I have kept are for squad purposes, cup games and possible coaching.  I concede that we have to sign higher quality than we already have, especially attackers.
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