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July 15, 2017, 4:06pm Report to Moderator
Barley Wine Drinker
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Doesn't Robinson also play out wide?

Grimsby till I die.
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July 15, 2017, 4:16pm Report to Moderator
Cocktail Drinker
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Yeah surely room for both as we are still light out wide with just three wingers. I'd be amazed if they would break the bank as both are youngish lads.
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July 15, 2017, 4:29pm Report to Moderator

Fine Wine Drinker
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Decent performance, had the better chances and contained a Championship side fairly well other than the goal.

Of the trialist lads, thought Dixon was solid enough without being anything spectacular. Kamal was good on the ball but did give away fouls too much, though gotta consider the players he was against. Robinson and Cardwell both showed promise but only enough room for one.  
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July 15, 2017, 4:30pm Report to Moderator

Barley Wine Drinker
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Can't see how people are against Kamal because he's not spraying the ball around or scoring hat tricks...there's much more to his position than eye catching skill surely? Only have the Scunny game to go on and yes it was against a youthful opposotion but as soon as the ball was lost he was there, dropping in behind the back four.
When our fullbacks got the ball under pressure he was available, or taking an opposition player with him to make space. I'd like to see the Barnsley highlights to see if he managed a similar game, hopefully that would give some clue if he's up to the rough and tumble of League 2.
I reckon we'll make a grab for Robinson though.

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July 15, 2017, 4:36pm Report to Moderator
Lager Top Drinker
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Solid performance from Town,  I was sat next to promotion plaice and i must say he looked very fetching sporting his new fishy cap, and we both agreed that nobody really stood out. Whilst the trailists deserve more game time, i wouldn't at this stage be in a rush to sign any of them, and we definately need a quality goalscorer if we are going to be play-off material....for a championship side i thought Barnsley were pretty poor, and whilst i don't know how strong a side they put out, i can see why they are 2nd favourites to be relegated. These friendlies are difficult to assess with lack of fitness and the amount of subs used, however a wins a win against championship opposition, so onwards and upwards.
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sam gy
July 15, 2017, 4:38pm Report to Moderator

Table Wine Drinker
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^^ They started with their strongest starting 11, according to the Barnsley commentators.

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Civvy at last
July 15, 2017, 4:39pm Report to Moderator

Special Brew Drinker
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Quoted from promotion plaice

And the total gate was about 1,900 or about, they obviously are not very good at maths in Barnsley.

The Barnsley forum..........

fitzytyke2, 23 minutes ago #5

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Great following today ,above 50% of the attendance ,
I know that doesn't mean much in sense of actual numbers but it hopefully had a good sense of the enthusiasm of the fans on the new lads.

I never knew Dianne Abbott was a Barnsley fan ūüėČ

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July 15, 2017, 6:28pm Report to Moderator
Barley Wine Drinker
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well here goes...apologies for the length but lots to comment on...

4-1-4-1 Formation again...looks like this might be the chosen set up. Noticeable that in possesion the full backs push up leaving the centre backs to do the defending with that sitting midfielder in front.
Positives - Having a midfielder sat deep during play shielding the back line helps defend.
Negatives - striker can get isolated and needs either a proper solid target man to lead and hold or a rapid striker to chase over the top....we currently have neither IMO. (although Robinson looks a decent compromise between the two).

Thought Barnsley dominated first 30 mins without troubling the back line that much as we were relatively 10 behind the ball and hard to breakdown but with Vernon very isolated we couldnt progress much, especially as he kept getting fed high balls to deal with.

We started to come out of our shells Dembele fired one wide from a half cleared corner,  Jones wasted a 1 v 1 which he should have buried and we were finally turning the Barnsley back line round. However a free kick in a promising position was spoon fed to their keeper who came caught, threw out and Barnsley on the counter raced up the pitch and scored, although a little fortunately....the ball pulled back was deflected onto the post off Dixon (?) ..Mckeown to me didnt react quick enough, paused, and their striker pounced.
Barnsley bossed posession but 1-0 felt a little harsh.

No changes at half time, Dembele grabbed an equaliser just after half time, stealing in behind the sleeping Barnsley back line to poke past the keeper, deserved a goal as looked most likely throughout.

Second half was more even i thought, lots of changes disrupting the flow but i thought the inroduction of Robinson gave us more impetus up top. Liked the look of him on Thursday against Scunthorpe Boys but reserved judgement, handled himself similarly today against Championship players. Uses his body and arms well to shield, decent control/dribble and a bit of pace.

We finished the game stronger and from a decent corner Cardwell lost his man, glanced a header goalward and Robinson was on hand to fire home the rebound from close range....almost happened again not long after, Cardwell again moving and losing in the box.

Mckeown - still not coming off his line, too slow to react to the rebound on their goal but made a couple of decent saves in open play.
Mills - Pretty much my man of the match today...solid at the back..got forward to support...looked comfortable.
Dixon - fairly solid but not spectacular. If the 4-1-4-1 is the way i would prefer someone with a bit more pace.
Clarke & Collins - gelled well, looked like they had played 100's of games together not a couple.
Kelly - one or two flashes of skill, didnt look particularly quick...reserve judgement as yet.
Berrett - just dont see the point, cant tackle, cant head, ineffective passing, poor touch, slow in mind and body.....but can hold his position !?!?
El Hadj - no ta. Looked out of it today. Said on Thursday that i didnt think he would be dynamic enough and i think that was the case today. Caught in possession, not strong enough and not a terrier type. Played one lovely ball to give Jones his chance but I would pass on him now.
Jones - looked a bit sluggish, wasted our best worked chance of the game.
Dembele - not afraid of a tackle, skillful, quick feet and decent awareness of whats around him. Definately a positive signing.
Vernon - didnt impress but unfortunately wasnt helped by the system, was largely isolated and fed balls at chin or above head height from the full backs. If and when we fed to his feet he is useful but needs the four behind him to get up quickly.

Robinson - despite not looking that big he holds the ball well, uses his body and limbs to shield and is skilful and likes to run at his defender.
Cardwell - played out on the left when he came on, like the look of him, decent movement, think we had two corners while he was on and he got his head onto both of them.
Davies - came on at left back. Solid defensively but wrong footed when in posession.
Tombola - seems to be developing his football brain, looks to be positive but not as headless.
Osbourne - much as last season. Looks good..
Yussuf, Summerfield and replacement right back didnt have time to effect too much.

Positive result, some decent performances, some less so.  Where does it leave us ??  Can we take both Robinson and Cardwell ? Can we hold out for a better left back ?  Will.. Clements, Mcallister, Venney, Clifton see any decent game time before the business starts at Chesterfield ?

2017/18  WLLLWLWW               
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July 15, 2017, 7:43pm Report to Moderator
Vodka Drinker
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If I was a Barnsley fan I'd be worried about the coming season based on that performance. On top but not wholly dominant against a central midfield of a triallist and Berrett, who is surely our third or fourth choice in that position? Can't bode well for them. Their forward line for the first hour was lacking in strength and the later players didn't add much to the team.

As for the triallists/new signings, Dixon looked solid to me so it doesn't surprise me that we're interested. Not as good as Andrew, probably, but hopefully still up to the job.

KAEH looked OK to me but we do have so many central midfielders on the books that I can't see us signing him. He is a good bit taller than our other midfielders so that is one extra thing on his side. Incidentally, the rumour I heard was that Clements is on his way, possibly to Crewe, as Slade doesn't rate him. I think he's done quite well but then I'm not the manager.

Cardwell showed a few good touches in his short time on the pitch (excellent flick header which led to the goal) and is certainly worth another look. A much bigger unit than any of our other attackers which gives us another option.

Robinson got stuck in and looks strong considering he's far from the biggest. Won lots of free-kicks which indicates he was causing defenders some real problems. This, despite the fact that I always shudder when I hear a player can play either out wide or up front - too many memories of Junior Mendes!

Do we have the budget to sign both of these players or do we need them both? Not sure, I have to say.

Dembele looks good prospect so I hope he can deal with the physicality of a more intense, competitive game, given his slight physique. Good to see him so delighted to score, despite the fact that the game was only a friendly.

Clarke looked OK but for his misjudgement with their goal. Do wonder if we'll struggle to deal with big, physical strikers, however, as he's smaller than Collins who isn't the biggest himself. Hopefully their experience will mean we can deal with pacy players well enough.

All in all, a decent performance and good result in a relatively low-key game. My main concerns were that Kelly was rather anonymous and Jones put in a bit of a half-arsed performance, albeit against a higher-division team.
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July 15, 2017, 7:45pm Report to Moderator

Vodka Drinker
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Quoted from promotion plaice

And the total gate was about 1,900 or about, they obviously are not very good at maths in Barnsley.

The Barnsley forum..........

fitzytyke2, 23 minutes ago #5

Sent from my SM-G850F using Tapatalk
Great following today ,above 50% of the attendance ,
I know that doesn't mean much in sense of actual numbers but it hopefully had a good sense of the enthusiasm of the fans on the new lads.

You think with 6 fingers they would be bale to count better

"Crombie you would have got to that if you weren't such a fat ba%$@rd" - George Kerr, inspiration from the dug out 70s style  
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