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Tyler Garrett

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Quoted from IlkleyMariner
[quote=142]I always thought he was tall and gangly not a fat bottom like  Crane.

My memory must be failingšŸ˜²[/quote.  

Yes. Tall and gangly with little Davie Boylen alongside
That was the days before the greed of the premiershite and incompetence of the FA spoiled the joy of proper footy

Well said.

On Gordon Walker, he was tall but Peter-Crouch-like in his inability to get daylight between his boots and the pitch - any six-foot defender that could jump a foot in the air could cope.

What he did possess was a thunderbolt shot - something Town could have used more/better - but in a sense we got distracted by his 'six-foot-four'ness.

Great memory, though, of him and Dave Boylen kicking off....

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
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Quoted from Lincoln Mariner 56

My recall is that we had the tallest, Walker, and shortest, Boylen, players in the FL at that time. The other fact being Davie B was a bloody good player and Gordon Walker friggin dreadful. Was the nearly equally bad Gary Moore just before or after Gordonā€™s brief stay?

Glad Gary Moore gave up football and took up the guitar  
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