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Hull City

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May 23, 2015, 11:44pm

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Here's us desperate to get into the Football League and across the water Hull are desperate to stay out of it. Newcastle have been a shambles and deserve to go down, but I can't.see them actually doing so. Having said that if Hull beat Man Utd they probably deserve to stay up.

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May 24, 2015, 12:01am

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I was born in Hull and lived there until i was about six years old. My father was a Tigers fanatic and took me to Boothferry Park.

To cut a long story short i used to follow the Tigers as a kid  coming from Cottingham. Now Town through and through and hope Hull will get relegated. My wife is a Newcastle fan coming from Whitley Bay so for one day only i'm a Man Utd fan.

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May 24, 2015, 12:05am
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I'd much rather see Newcastle relegated than Dull.

Ashley, in particular, deserves it and it must be said it has been a very rare occasion that I've met a Geordie without a massive chip on their shoulder. Alas, I reckon Manyoo will probably do for them tomorrow.
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May 24, 2015, 12:28am

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Hopefully it's Newcastle. Maybe two relegations in 7/8 years will bring their idiot fans back down to earth and they will realise they are not a giant of world football.

"The best fans in the world" - average roughly one protest a season about whoevers fault it is that year that they're not fighting it out for the title and when their club does actually need some support they're boycotting the ground. Probably the PL club (besides Man Utd) I detest the most.

That said I wouldn't mind if Hull went down either. Either way both deserve to go down because they have been woeful all season.
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May 24, 2015, 12:35am

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Quite enjoyed the visits I had to Boothferry Park following Town and went to KC this year against Chelsea, but 50 notes a ticket!! Bet half the buggers in there hope they go down.  
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May 24, 2015, 12:52am
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Hope it's Newcastle go down instead of Hull. Got a soft spot for the Mudrats and Geordies are far too cocky about themselves and their club.

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May 24, 2015, 1:24am

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Newcastle will win 1 out of their last 11 and stay up (pathetic as that is, I'm not sure how they deserve to go down if they get more points than 3 other teams)

Hats off to Steve Bruce though, only spent £65m in the last couple of years.

“I hit the ball as though it owed me money.”
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May 24, 2015, 4:19am
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I hate hull
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May 24, 2015, 6:58am
Champagne Drinker
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I reckon with the money hull have spent over the last 2 years if they go down they could be in real trouble. Didn't they pay about £10 million on that Abel Hernandez?

"Falls to Arnold... Arnold! That's it! Thats it! He's sealed it! Grimsby Town are back in the football league!!! Just a minute to go and Nathan Arnold makes it 3-1! Look at the scenes behind the goal! Look at the relief! The agony is finally over!!!"

John Tondeur - Wembley Stadium Sunday 15th May 2016
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May 24, 2015, 7:14am

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If Huddlestone is your star midfielder. then you know you are in the sh1t.

Hope it's Newcastle though as the deluded fookers hounded out Pardew thinking 10th wasn't good enough for them. It's hilarious what has happened since and still they protest. Then there's Ashley; enough said.
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