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My slightly early team judgement.

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April 14, 2015, 7:50pm
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1. James McKeown: Under contract, the best keeper in the league by a country mile. Not quite as consistent as last season. I think he has to improve his shot stopping down to his left as beaten too easily here several times. For his own good, if we are still in the conference he should move on. But for us, I say STAY
13. Nick Draper: Unknown as he hasn't played.


2. Paul Bignot: Only here as he activated his own extension although he must have known his chances would be limited which says it all. GO
5. Shaun Pearson: Under contract, limited abilitywise but runs through walls for us and a key player. Capable of playing in the league above, but no higher. STAY.
6. Carl Magnay: Almost iconic status already, form dropped recently. Ridiculous we have let his contract run down. STAY
12. Chris Doig: Time to retire I fear. Comes to us all sadly. HANG BOOTS UP and concentrate on management.
15. Ellis Humble: Needs to progress, probably will be released. GO.
19. Danny Parslow: I don't rate him, GO
22. Aristote Nsiala: Has improved his concentration and has cut out the majority of his mistakes. Looks a little too comfortable at times, more to come from him though. Very quick for a centre back, we could have pushed up higher at home with this lad as last man: STAY
24. Paul Walker: Really should have made headway into the team if he has a future. GO
35. Gregor Robertson: Key player, steady and reliable. Looked unfit when we signed him, just got his fitness up and picked up an injury. Very important to have him back for play offs as left back is the one position we struggle with. If he's out of the play offs, expect Parslow at right back, Magnay at left back. We'd be stronger with Robertson. STAY
36. Josh Gowling: Excellent player, always been very impressed with him. A bit of experience at 31. STAY


4. Scott Brown: Promised much after great start, delievered little. Patrols centre circle and points a lot. Doesn't get goals, doesn't really screen the defence. I'd love to replace him with the best player I have seen at this level. Woking's Josh Payne. GO.
7. Jack Mackreth: Much improved after shaky start. Genuine pace, would like to see him cut inside more. STAY.
8. Craig Disley: At 33, shows no signs of slowing down. Gets important goals, has a great spring and leads by example after a poor start to the season. Has never given less than is all. STAY.
16. Craig Clay: Gets his foot in, decent distribution and a tidy player. STAY.
20. Nathan Arnold: Up and down season after his injury. Worth another go. STAY.
25. Caine Winfarrah: Did well when I saw him. Then loaned out and not really heard of. STAY as cheap enough.
26. Patrick McLaughlin: Lacks mentality to play in a two man central midfield, technically good but without the dirty side he must GO.
37. Jordan Chapell: Played a few minutes since we signed him. Highly rated but I haven't seen enough of him to comment.


10. Ross Hannah: Lacks a physical presence favoured by PH, genuinely is offside far too much. Why at 29 does he fail to look across his line? GO
14. Lenell John-Lewis: Works so hard, the focal point of the attack. But he misses far too many chances. If we had Akinde and Barnet had LJL, who would be champions? GO
18. Jon-Paul Pittman: Had issues with fitness, probably the only reason he is here. Very good player who would benefit from being given a run and a bit of belief from his manager. STAY

31. Hamish Watson: Came half way around the world, arrived overweight. No way should he have been given a work permit, done nothing on loan the league below. GO
33. Ollie Palmer: Big targetman, surprising pace and goalscorer. However, when he is bad, he is awful. I'd expect I'm in the minority and I'm open to him changing my mind in the next few games but for now, I say GO.
34. Christian Jolley: There is talent there, but he wants the ball in front of him. Doesn't look to me like he fits into our rigid 4-4-2 but has tried hard to fit into the left of midfield. Never a centre forward. Would be better to the left of a front three in a 4-3-3. GO.
April 14, 2015, 8:00pm
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Gone into close season mode a bit early. Don't agree with a few bits but it's your opinion. Don't think it can be nice for some valuable squad members to read that they should go when they're about to embark on a really challenging and important period of games for the club (where they will be expected to give everything for the cause) but there you go, that's just my view.

"You should do what you love while you can"
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Grimsbys finest
April 14, 2015, 8:04pm
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Can we not leave this thread until the end of the season. Lets just pray that the players are not reading the fishy otherwise we have no chance in the play-offs.
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April 14, 2015, 8:26pm
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Just as hurting as anyone to have not won the league but off the mark with this one BP. There's a time and a place - now's the time to be pulingl together.
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April 14, 2015, 8:52pm

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Wrong thread at the wrong time, bit of a back stabber at this moment in time, glad its only your opinion
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April 14, 2015, 8:54pm
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Quoted from Grimsbys finest
Can we not leave this thread until the end of the season. Lets just pray that the players are not reading the fishy otherwise we have no chance in the play-offs.

I'd like to think they've more about them that worrying about what some bloke types on a forum. If they were all brilliant, we'd have won this division. They aren't and we haven't. Let's hope they can man up and rise to the occasion as I think it's fair to say we have failed pretty much each time the big questions have been asked so far. Last Saturday was particularly pathetic. But all is not lost, we've as good a chance as any in the play offs. X away lads!
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April 14, 2015, 9:21pm
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Not suggesting that either should stay or go but to want Arnold to stay considering some dreadful performances from him and Palmer with a couple of off games to go, I just don't understand your logic.
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April 14, 2015, 9:38pm
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April 14, 2015, 9:49pm
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I agree we should put it on hold until the end of the season but how many current players will be here next season 6-8, possibly.

If in the football league, then McKeown, Magnay, Pearson, Toto, Robertson, Disley, MacKreth and John-Lewis, Pittman.

in this tin-pot league, McKeown, Toto, Robertson, Disley, MacKreth, Pittman and possibly Clay and Arnold.

I say that football league clubs will sign up Pearson, Magnay and John-Lewis (he will cause havoc to defenders and score 8 or 12 goals in league 2. And I reckon Arnold is not good enough for the league and only good in bursts at this level.

Then we need. A new backup goalkeeper, I don't think McKeown's form has been helped by no competition and no consistent coaching.

A new backup centre half.

A backup full back, who can play both sides.

3 new central midfielders, a creator, a destructor and an energetic box-to-box player.

2 new wingers, one tricky dribbler, like Neilson only thinner and more consistent. And a pacy more consistent version of Arnold.

3 new strikers, a natural born goal scorer and backup target man.


Diz, a leader, a goal scorer, a true pro

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April 14, 2015, 9:56pm

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Quoted from Grimsbys finest
Can we not leave this thread until the end of the season. Lets just pray that the players are not reading the fishy otherwise we have no chance in the play-offs.
Thing is Iam sure they do.Good analysis though like you feel it would be best left until after the play offs.Whole team needs to be focused on the task in hand and stuff like this could unsettle some players

One God,one life,one love
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