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Just back..

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February 28, 2015, 7:37pm
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Quoted from Maringer
Dreadful game, that. Pretty much all of our attacking players were hopeless today so it's not too surprising that we didn't manage to achieve anything up front. I also thought that Braintree had some pretty good defenders. Their No. 20 was excellent at the back, the No. 2 looked an excellent strong full-back and the big No. 6 had quite a bit of nouse, winning most of his headers with the assistance of clever nudges and pushes. A bit worrying that the forward to cause most trouble to defences today was their Number 9 who was better than any of our lot though he never looked like scoring either.

Disley was excellent today and scored another fantastic goal for us. The defence generally did well though there were a number of Toto moments, not least the ridiculous Keystone Kops scramble when they should have scored early on.

All in all, can't complain too much about a third win on the bounce, however it came.

I normally agree with your posts but we have just been discussing their number 20 who we thought was a total liability throughout. He must have stood on the ball at least 4 or 5 occasions and his distribution was, at best, Sunday League standard!

Someone said they thought their lad was unlucky to get a 2nd yellow. I thought he could have got a straight red! Went over the top of the ball with all studs showing.

The game was shockingly bad, JPP had far and away the worst game I have ever seen him produce ( how he stayed on the pitch when we made 3 subs is beyond me) BUT we won and have NINE points in a week. Cannot of complain about that points haul.

Two away games now, win both and we will increase the pressure on the two above
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February 28, 2015, 7:37pm
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Dreadful game with some shockingly bad performances from both wide men especially Mackreth again and LJL and Pittman although he didn't look fit, Clay was basically useless as well, just thankful for the two bits of class in the whole game with Magnay's cross and Disley's goal.

Not sure how some think we did well defensively when they should have scored in the first couple of minutes with some comic defending and they should have done better late on when we looked like cacking ourselves everytime the ball came into our box, especially when their number 9 had a free header and should have done better with it.
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February 28, 2015, 8:40pm
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Shocking game of "football"....neither team looked anything like competent, first half i dont think either side managed to string 4 passes together, LJL again looked frustrated with himself, going down too easily and looking at the ref rather than his trademark tireless effort..however in his defence there was nothing like any service to him or Pitman.
Defence looked very shaky at the start but settled down and thank the ginger gods for Dis, great running and a superb ball in from Magnay...aside from that and the goal mouth scramble at the start a total non event.

Shoot me down ...but honestly...even if we went up i would be happy for Hurst to either get "snapped" up by another club or not have his contract renewed...no get up and go, no positive energy or buzz eminating from his mouth, from his team selection or game management.  

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February 28, 2015, 8:44pm

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We won!!!!!

In a neat little town they all call Grimsby
Apprentice to a tradeI was bound
And many's an hour's sweet happiness
Have I spent in this neat little town.

A sad misfortune came over me
Which caused me to stray from the land
Far away from my friends and relations
Never Betrayed by the black and white band.

Her eyes they shone like diamonds
I thought her the queen of the land
And her hair hung over her shoulders
Tied up with a black and white band.
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February 28, 2015, 9:24pm

Upper Findus
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Quoted from oldun
Always going to be a difficult game. Both defences well on top. One moment if quality and we score a fabulous goal. 3 points thank you. Not great viewing but it is all about points now. Agree number 20 for Braintree looks to be an excellent defender.

3 Cheers for Ramirez

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February 28, 2015, 9:31pm
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I thought their skipper led by example, always talking and their lads were listening. Distribution not the best but he worked his bottom off, closed down and never stopped running.
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February 28, 2015, 9:33pm
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Quoted from BIGChris

I normally agree with your posts but we have just been discussing their number 20 who we thought was a total liability throughout. He must have stood on the ball at least 4 or 5 occasions and his distribution was, at best, Sunday League standard!

Really? I thought he did very well and didn't give LJL a look in today - though it wasn't too difficult with the way our forwards played! I agree that Pittman was pretty hopeless and Jolley didn't really do any better than the other two when he came on, either. Can't complain about a victory after such a poor performance!

One thing I took from today is how much we miss a defender with a good, long throw. Good as an attacking option (when necessary) but more importantly, we struggled to get it clear quite a few times when we had throw-ins deep in our half. Helps a lot when you've got somebody who can hurl the ball 30 yards up the line!
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February 28, 2015, 9:52pm

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Braintree seemes to have as many chances as us and they were terrible. The ref was terrible but at least he was consistently crap for both sides. Disley's booking was a joke as was their chap who got the second yellow.

Cold, sterile and boring but at least our playoff spot is getting nearer to being secured.

Ps well done to the Lads in the corner of the pontoon but as discussed before most of your noise drifted out to sea...

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February 28, 2015, 9:54pm

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I thought Braintree came to BP today for a draw and parked the bus. They were well organised and stuck to their job for 89 minutes of the game, fortunately for us we have some quality in our side which got us a goal. We only needed that one moment of magic which we wouldn't have got last season and would have probably lost or drawn that game.
Well done Town, a hard fought win against difficult opposition. UTM

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February 28, 2015, 10:39pm

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Quoted from Mighty_Mariner

Paul addressed that issue perfectly for me in his post match presser when he said the 3 points were the most important thing and sometimes you have to protect what you have. Premier league team do it week in week out.

What would your reaction be if he brought on Palmer for Lenny and we ended up drawing 1-1? Would you commend him for his substitution? I think not!

Totally the right decision for me - but each to their own.


But that is hypothetical and i wasn't really advocating for Palmer to be brought on. I acknowledged that it was probably right to give him a bit more time and as we were not searching for a goal, there was no point risking him. A more attacking approach and substitution may have killed them off but as i say, we will never know

What did rile me was why we had to bring on Parslow in the first place. Despite being one of the top sides at home against a mediocre Braintree, we go one up, then spend the rest of the half being mainly pinned back even when they had 10 men, necessitating us bringing on a defensive midfielder, when we should be pushing them back. Sometimes i wonder why these teams come and park the bus, because when forced to come out of their shell, we retreat and get very nervy.

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