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Bogle not signing

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September 19, 2020, 9:23pm
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Quoted from Poojah

I’m not sure you’ve registered what I pointed out there. We don’t ‘save’ what the remainder of his contract is worth, only the difference between that figure and the cost of any golden goodbye agreement we could reach for him not to be here anymore.

First of all, what gives you the impression that he doesn’t want to be here anymore?

Secondly, how much do you think we would have to offer before he ‘jumps at the chance’ to write off some of the value of his contract? Thirdly, where do you imagine we are going to find a ‘more reliable’ striker for the amount we’d stand to save, or less? Keep in mind we already have three totally unproven, recently non-league strikers in our squad.

This. Someone earlier plucked a figure of £80k out of the air. If you are under contract now, getting another one on similar terms won't be easy so you are going to want as much of your money as possible. If it cost us half of that to get rid, are people really suggesting we could get an adequate replacement for £40k in wages?

Judging by recent interviews, I think we've struggled to attract players. Holloway raves about the big man but people seem to think he wants away on the basis that he's currently injured.
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