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Remaining Games

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March 4, 2015, 3:48pm

Whiskey Drinker
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Woking v Grimsby     Sat 7 Mar     15:00     
Chester v Grimsby     Sat 14 Mar15:00     
Grimsby v Eastleigh     Sat 21 Mar15:00     
Dover v Grimsby     Tue 24 Mar19:45     
Welling v Grimsby     Sat 28 Mar15:00     
Grimsby v Gateshead     Sat 4 Apr     15:00     
Alfreton v Grimsby     Mon 6 Apr     15:00     
Grimsby v Wrexham     Sat 11 Apr     15:00     
Southport v Grimsby     Sat 18 Apr     15:00     
Grimsby v Aldershot     Sat 25 Apr     17:15


Bristol Rovers v Eastleigh     Sat 7 Mar     15:00     
Halifax v Bristol Rovers     Sat 14 Mar     15:00     
Bristol Rovers v Aldershot     Fri 20 Mar     19:45     
Macclesfield v Bristol Rovers     Sat 28 Mar     12:30     
Bristol Rovers v Chester     Fri 3 Apr     19:45     
Kidderminster v Bristol Rovers     Mon 6 Apr     15:00     
Bristol Rovers v Southport     Sat 11 Apr     15:00     
Dover v Bristol Rovers     Sat 18 Apr     15:00     
Bristol Rovers v Alfreton     Sat 25 Apr     17:15


Macclesfield v Aldershot     Sat 7 Mar     15:00     
Macclesfield v Telford     Tue 10 Mar     19:45     
Gateshead v Macclesfield     Sat 14 Mar     15:00     
Macclesfield v Nuneaton     Sat 21 Mar     15:00     
Macclesfield v Bristol Rovers     Sat 28 Mar     12:30     
Halifax v Macclesfield     Fri 3 Apr     19:45     
Macclesfield v Wrexham     Mon 6 Apr     15:00     
Forest Green v Macclesfield     Sat 11 Apr     15:00     
Macclesfield v Dartford     Sat 18 Apr     15:00     
Torquay v Macclesfield     Sat 25 Apr     17:15     


Barnet v Forest Green     Sat 7 Mar     15:00     
Eastleigh v Barnet     Sat 14 Mar     15:00     
Halifax v Barnet     Tue 17 Mar     19:45     
Barnet v Welling     Sat 21 Mar     15:00     
Alfreton v Barnet     Sat 28 Mar     15:00     
Barnet v Nuneaton     Sat 4 Apr     15:00     
Dartford v Barnet     Mon 6 Apr     12:45     
Barnet v Halifax     Sat 11 Apr     15:00     
Kidderminster v Barnet     Sat 18 Apr     15:00     
Barnet v Gateshead     Sat 25 Apr     17:15     

Looking at that actually gives me confidence of the title still.

Halifax have to play all 3 at home !

all to play for !!!

Cmon Town !
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March 4, 2015, 3:52pm

Special Brew Drinker
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I would want about 100/1 on Town winning the league. It's a massive outside shot and there is nothing to suggest we can be consistent enough to get the points required. I'm just relieved we seem to be edging towards confirming our playoff spot nice and early.

That said I am really relived we have already played Halifax away. That pitch is a shocker and can see their games getting postponed again before the season's out. Annoyingly, it's probably so bad that they will be forced to use another ground (like Droyleden) which will mean a nice enough pitch and the loss of any real home advantage for Halifax.

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March 4, 2015, 3:59pm

Recovering Alcoholic
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We have some tricky games left too and to be realistic of winning the title we would need to win them all, a big ask but it can be done, one game at a time.. starting at Woking Saturday.

Grimsby and proud!
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March 4, 2015, 4:58pm

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I still fancy Macc to go and nick it to be honest, looking at those fixtures.
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March 4, 2015, 5:04pm
Special Brew Drinker
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I know that they beat us at BP recently, but I can't say I remember being overly impressed with Macclesfield. They looked OK and were a good deal better than us in midfield on the day, but I think it was as much our poor performance as their good play which led to their victory. Not to mention the clear foul in the run up to their winner.

I think I'd probably rather face them in the play-offs than Bristol Rovers or Barnet.
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grimsby pete
March 4, 2015, 5:32pm

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We are outsiders,


Outsiders win sometimes,

A 100 to 1 shot won The National once.

                             Over 34 years living in Suffolk but always a mariner.
                             66 Years following the Town
                             Paul Hurst Black and White Army
                             New Owners.  New Begining.
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March 4, 2015, 6:28pm
Table Wine Drinker
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Macclesfield have gone under the radar all season - they might nick it
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The Old Codger
March 4, 2015, 7:14pm
Barley Wine Drinker
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All to play for IMO. Saturday looks our most difficult challenge but the words of Garry Hill ought to be ringing in the team's ears.
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March 5, 2015, 8:33am
Mariners Trust
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I still fancy Macc to go and nick it to be honest, looking at those fixtures.

Was just thinking the same thing-although Barnet's run-in isn't very testing...

I have an inferiority complex-It's not a very good one though.
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March 5, 2015, 9:28am

Champagne Drinker
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Apart from Woking away (who seem to have found their form again lately) I think we will be bookies favourites in all of our remaining games. Obviously that doesn't imply they'll be easy but I wouldn't swap our remaining fixtures with any of the others.
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