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Tommorows the real test

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January 23, 2015, 3:34pm
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Ok so although we still have a massive divide on the club and the way in which it is going, I think tomorrows game holds something we can all agree on. On a day when there are a few games off for different reasons, and now we are out of the Trophy at an early stage. We have a game against the team with the worst goal difference in the league which will go a long way to securing a play off place. So lets see if  PH and the players have what it takes to get out there against a mediocre side and put them to bed. I don't expect 7 or 8 nil but a 2 to 3 goal cushion shouldn't really be beyond us and its time to show we don't have to be bullied by alleged lesser sides.

"With a minute to go Buckley said keep it in the corner, I thought he meant the top corner." - Jim Dobbin
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January 23, 2015, 3:37pm
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The only side i can say i have seen us bullied by were Braintree a couple of years ago at their place
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grimsby pete
January 23, 2015, 3:47pm

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Agree with Nuneaton are the type of side we should be brushing away if we want to win this league,

2 OR 3 nil would be nice.

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highcliff mariner
January 23, 2015, 3:50pm
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Quoted from BIGChris

The only side i can say i have seen us bullied by were Braintree a couple of years ago at their place

Substitute bullied for nuteuralised ?

In theOP i mean ?
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January 23, 2015, 3:50pm

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Agree with the title of this thread completely.  

We were fantastic against Barnet and PH and the team deserve huge credit for that game.  However we have had great results before but against the bottom 6/7 we have a very poor record, if we had better results against those teams we would be very close to Barnet and the promtion team we all want to be.  I think the Barnet game actually showed why we are so upset and divided about our team at the moment, we can play that well yet away at Dartford and Telford we were incredibly dull and poor.

Hope this game can be a different story.
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January 23, 2015, 4:12pm

Whiskey Drinker
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Yes, tomorrow will show what we are made of.
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January 23, 2015, 4:27pm
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I just hope to not be hearing "any point away from home is a good point" at 5pm tomorrow.

Feeling fairly positive after last Saturday though. Need to approach the game with the same mentality.

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one."
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January 23, 2015, 4:54pm

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Quoted from Tommy
I just hope to not be hearing "any point away from home is a good point" at 5pm tomorrow.

This. In a league with only one automatic promotion spot it's a load of old bollocks.

“I hit the ball as though it owed me money.”
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January 23, 2015, 5:02pm

Recovering Alcoholic
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If we can carry on from that Barnet display we should be comfortable winners I'd imagine, really hope that now the FA Trophy is out the way we can really concentrate on the league. My biggest fear is injuries and back log of games due to postponements etc..

Grimsby and proud!
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January 23, 2015, 6:47pm

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This is Grimsby and it would not surprise me if the team has an off day , if we are serious about doing something this year,  tomorrows the time to kick it off to the seasons end
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