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October 2, 2014, 11:30pm
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Quoted from biggles9999

Depending on whether you count Hurst as being Scott and Hurst, wasnt there a game when we took off I'anson and possibly Southwell early on (first half?)

That was when we went 0-2 down at home to someone after 10 minutes and he took I'Anson and Thanoj off a few minutes later. Remember thinking, as many others did, that taking the two youngsters off wasn't fair on them and they were easy targets to bring off.

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October 2, 2014, 11:34pm

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October 2, 2014, 11:40pm
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That's the one. I couldn't remember whether it was Newport or Braintree.

It was one of the games where we lined up with that daft lop-sided formation with 3 central midfielders, Makofo advanced a bit further forward on the left and 2 up front. Left us getting killed down our right.




"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one."
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Lincoln Mariner 56
October 2, 2014, 11:41pm
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Quoted from Maringer
I think his comment was fair. Southport came at us from the kick-off and we couldn't cope with their high tempo and pressing game as they certainly didn't sit back in the way that Nuneaton and Dover did. We couldn't cope with their up and at 'em attitude because pretty much all of our players were crap on the night. I reckon that's about as well as Southport can play and (hopefully) about as badly as we can play.

Only hope we don't have to see anything as inept as that for the rest of the season.

Maringer your point would have more validity if this was a one off, but it is a major feature of town performances, Aldershot, Welling, Soouthport and others last year, inability, woth some valid excuses, against Nuneaton and Dover this year plus failing in important home games last year v Cambridge, luton and Halifax plus Hurst' s delight at holding an inform Woking to a 1-1 home draw. Were all matches where we failed to reach either any sort of standard and against the better sides the level of standard required to win the games. The man unfortunately is just that bit short (no pun) of being a good manager but that small part will be the problem throughout his career.
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October 3, 2014, 12:19am
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Last year, we had a very different team to this season so I think you're comparing apples to oranges.

For the Nuneaton and Dover games, for example we had 5 men in the team who weren't with us last season (plus Boyce on loan again). That is literally half of a different team, not to forget that we were completely nobbled by injuries in midfield/attack in those two games.

Other than lacking a couple of attacking players, I still think our squad is generally better set than last season. I think that most of the new signings are improvements on those who have departed. However, injuries and a lack of form at important times have been an issue so far. Almost three quarters of the season remaining, so let's hope something can be done about this once the players get back to fitness and we (hopefully) sign another couple of decent attacking players.
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October 3, 2014, 1:53pm

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Quoted from The Old Codger
I'm sure he's a nice bloke but he's still way too defensively minded. Of our strikers, one's hamstrung, one's offside, one can't score and the other doesn't seem to want to play so we've loaned in a kid that isn't match-fit. It's bonkers!

Depressingly, this is spot on.

Whilst I think the argument for not sacking PH is pretty solid, if a manager with a bit more charisma and imagination
were available I'd be happy to take the risk.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
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October 3, 2014, 2:30pm
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Quoted from ginnywings

He has never to my knowledge made an unforced change before at least the 60 min mark. Strange.

Just going back to this Ginny, I obviously dont have the figures to hand, but I suspect that as a % there are very very few tactical changes before the 60 minute mark. Mourinho occasionally makes subs at half time but I cant think of many others who do make early changes. Particularly at our level when squads do not contain as many 'options'
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October 3, 2014, 4:27pm

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Quoted from grimsby pete
Regarding not getting gates of 4,000,

Just shows how the good few fans who want Town to be consistent before they return to Blundell Park,

Maybe they agree with the growing number on here that a change at the top is needed before we can be consistent ,

Whatever the reason they are staying away they will not return because of the way we are playing at the moment.,

Let's remember we were getting gates of 4,000 or less when  Laurie Mcmenemy joined us,

The gates shot up to average over 11,000,

I am not saying that will happen again but if we find the right man,

The gates will be over 4,000 in no time because the stay away fans just want a good reason to return.

Interestingly the average gate for the promotion season 1971/72 was 11,929 but the next season it dropped to 10,849 even though we were a division higher and we finished 9th in the league. Then in 1973/74 with a different manager (Ron Ashman ) we averaged 7419 but finished 6th in Division 3 .On these figures maybe it is all about the manager and not where or how successful we are!

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October 3, 2014, 5:18pm
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Quoted from Abdul19

Interestingly considerably less than 3000 of us there for that one  

That was another season where we started off slowly and inconsistently before we found a bit of form around Christmas and flirted with the play offs before fading away

Unless someone gets to grips with things this season we could be in for more of the same...maybe even worse if we don't go on a run of some kind during the cold winter months

It's so frustrating - we all more or less acknowledge we've got a half decent bunch of players now. Better I would say than we had three years ago when we played Newport but we are so underachieving and without any light at the end of the tunnel, I can see this season being over before we know it.

By Tuesday we will have played more or less a third of our fixtures..where's the inspiration going to come from???  

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