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Just Back

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September 20, 2014, 11:02pm
Mariners Trust
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10:30 p.m. and no "Just Back" thread??

For the record:-IMO  Not as good a game as Tuesday but I would venture a much, much better result. Having read some comments about Town hoofing the ball up to poor Ross Hannah I can only wonder what game was being watched. I thought Town played some decent approach football only to be let down by some very poor final balls-with Magnay being the worst culprit having got himself and Town into some great positions with positive runs down the left in the second half. MacReth was nowhere near as dangerous as he looked last time out. Hannah ran his socks off-again but he simply hasn't got the upper body strength to hold the ball up as a lone striker. Like others I was very surprised that Oates didn't start but judging by his inability to run AT ALL in the last five minutes it seemed to be a very shrewd move by Hurst. It was a brilliant finish for the goal.
Defensively the outfield four played very well including the new lad who to be honest didn't look as though he hadn't played competitively for so long. My real worry defensively is dare I say it-McKeown who has looked increasingly vulnerable to the high ball. There were also several moments of indecision particularly in the first half which could have cost us. He remains a superb shot stopper but appears to be in need of some coaching on dealing with crosses and commanding his area....
I feel a bit for Paddy but think that today Hurst was right to use Disley for the better defensive qualities he has. This was underlined when Paddy gave away a free kick in a dangerous position by dabbing a foot in with all the conviction of Danny La Rue on tranquilisers when he finally came on.
Neilson was frustrating to say the least. Saw a lot of the ball for much of the game but too often ran down blind alleys. Kiddy had done their homework though as for much of the game he had two on him.
Our dead ball delivery is becoming the world's unfunniest joke. I lost count of the free kicks and corners that didn't beat the first man. From the first corner we actually put into the danger area Toto hit the top of the bar. It is such a waste....
MOM-anyone from the back four plus Clay (who didn't put a foot wrong).

I have an inferiority complex-It's not a very good one though.
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September 20, 2014, 11:43pm
Fine Wine Drinker
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Spot on review from Barralad. TBH it looked as if one goal from either side was always going to win the game. I am beginning to wonder if  too many posters on here base their thoughts on the game from the commentary on RH which is often not an accurate reflection of what is going on on the pitch. I thought Parslow was very good at RB considering he has only been with us a couple of days, a vast improvement on Bignots recent displays, and Oates looked lively and got into some good positions, looked confident and scored the winner with a cracking shot. I've seem better displays but also a lot worse and couldn't fault anyone for their effort and a good three away points.

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September 21, 2014, 12:24am
Table Wine Drinker
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A fair synopsis of the game I feel. I felt both our new signings acquitted themselves today as well. Oates of course got the goal, but he looked strong and determined and at one point took on three Kidderminster defenders and even after getting bought down fought extremely hard to get back up and keep the ball.

Parslow meantime looked extremely solid at the back, making a high number of confident strong tackles and clearances, etc, and always being there when needed.

It certainly wasn't one for the record books by any stretch of the imagination but they got the job done. Felt the game could have gone either way but we did definitely look the stronger team for the majority of the second half - just our usual problem of dancing around the box, and seemingly not able to get it in there, or to actually dare take any shots. Instead we just pass it around until someone, inevitably, gives it away!
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forza ivano
September 21, 2014, 1:21am

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Fair assessment by barra.be interested to see the goal again.did Oates drop his shoulder and 'do' gowling ? Coz certainly gowling for the first time in the match was left floundering and it was a very very good turn n finish. The difference between the teams? We scored from our one moment of quality whilst gash missed john lewis style after their moment of brilliance from the impressive thompson
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September 21, 2014, 7:20am
Cocktail Drinker
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Good read from those who went , just wonder how it would read if we hasn't got the three points . Barralad highlighted my comments  earlier regarding Macca . He never has commanded his area but recently his positioning and catching have become increasingly dodgy .

I had to listen on the radio so had to rely on JT and ex player  , they couldn't work out the system we had adopted until Oats came on . Were they the biggest side we have ever played against ?  Just proves size doesn't matter sometimes .
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September 21, 2014, 8:11am

Special Brew Drinker
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Fair reflection. It wasn't thrvgreaest game from two of the leagues better sides but it was nice to see us capitalise on the one piece of brilliance. Kiddy weren't overly impressive and I was surprised to see them resort to a very direct, long ball style towards the end. They did miss some chances and they did try and blame the ref although the fouls by their striker were blatant fouls.

Sadly there seems to be an ever growing amount of balderdash being soured by some fans who simply don't want hurst. Yes, we all know that sometimes he makes a mistake but in recent weeks the players have to take some responsibility too. Lots of people take their opinion from the sometimes non discript commentary or from the odd comment without actually seeing the game. I read yesterday that hurst doesn't have a 'plan B'...a flawed comment given that that was exactly what he has yesterday.

If we were a prima donna team our pragmatic foreign manager would say that we got what went for yesterday and that good sides will find the result with the odd flash of class.

It's nice to play well and win but I, along with everyone else is bored of this horrible league so if we play excrement all year and grind out results that'll do for me...this week could have been disastrous but it turned out very good. Not many sides would've taken 4 points from Halifax and kiddy away in consecutive games.

'the poor and the needy are selfish and greedy'...well done Mozza
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September 21, 2014, 8:27am

Brandy Drinker
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Quoted from DocTower

I had to listen on the radio so had to rely on JT and ex player  

Nigel Lowther's not an ex-player. Editor of Cleethorpes chronicle, I think.


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September 21, 2014, 8:31am
Beer Drinker
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Accurate summary from Barralad. I like going to Kidderminster. I can see steam trains, enjoy a quality beer, good food and get a result!
The two new boys look to be real assets, but Oates is far from match fit (he was puffing more than me after running for the bus!)
Dead ball kicks are now so bad it is embarrassing. I don't see why we cannot sort them. Kiddy on the other hand looked dangerous with nearly every corner. This also shows Macca's current wobbles when under pressure.
Anyway, three well won points, an obvious good team spirit, a clean sheet, and a good day out
MOM - Clay
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September 21, 2014, 9:01am

Season Ticket Holder
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One shot on target, one goal. I think luck was on our side today. We have to get better sooner rather than later.

If the football is bad you can always watch the gulls.
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September 21, 2014, 9:10am
Table Wine Drinker
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Also think Sean Pearson was lucky early in the game when he bought down Styche with a clumsy and deliberate foul when Styche was making a run on goal. I think some referees might have red carded that, but as this ref was so utterly useless (and for once, to our benefit) he completely missed it. Did rather sour the mood after as Styche then nearly got into a punch up with Macca (they were both face to face in the goal mouth at one point, and had each other by the throats) and various other incidents before being loudly booed off by us when he was subbed towards the end of the second half
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