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Just Back

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December 26, 2018, 5:22pm Report to Moderator
Champagne Drinker
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Well.. we finished the game with RHJ at centre back, Mitch Rose at right back and Ahkeem Rose hobbling about nursing a hamstring yet we managed to put bodies on the line and thwart an injury time aerial onslaught.

Sometimes a team plays really badly against a poor one-dimensional hoof ball team but with graft and desire stays in the game to give themselves an opportunity to snatch a winner, and that’s what Town did. And what a winner from Wes Thomas! Make sure you look out for the goal on the highlights as the camera view is right behind it. Superb strike from a player that had got nothing out of the game however hard he tried against an uncompromising defence and some pretty wretched service.

Seeming to be let off by the ref for playing the man rather than the ball time and time again, Pope was a handful for them up front and while not being as dominant in the air as you’d expect, Whitmore and Davies put their bodies on the line time and time again, culminating in Davies taking a kick to the face and having to be substituted.

Port Vale are a typical Aspin side, brute strength and lump it forward to the big man and feed off the bits which was fairly effective on a bobbly pitch. We just didn’t get going until we scored. We were really poor with the ball and not much better without it in front of the defence. It was the sort of game that really doesn’t suit Pringle and he was a passenger until he got substituted for Woolford who offered more protection for Fox who had a good game. RHJ did ok too even though Cardwell struggled in front of him. He looked a bit lost, heavy legged and lumbered about as hard as he tried. The midfield three put a shift in without really being careful in possession until we had a spell of counter attacking after we scored when Embleton suddenly saw more of the ball and looked threatening.

Not looking good for the next game with these injuries piling up, but today we won three points from a game where a neutral would say it was undeserved on the balance of play. Not a bad habit to have, but I’d like to see us have more energy and pace in wide areas from players that are prepared to do the dirty stuff to protect our full backs and prevent dangerous balls from deep going into our box as well as getting at their full backs. These positions would be high on the agenda in the transfer window if I were MJ.

A Thomas wonder strike and three more points. Onwards and upwards..


Here's the goal..

Tweet 1077963760646713347 will appear here...
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December 26, 2018, 5:33pm Report to Moderator
Whiskey Drinker
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Thought we robbed Fail, they were the better side and more deserving of a win but it doesn't matter as we got the goal and what a strike from Thomas!

We looked slow and full of Christmas Turkey today, Vale pushed high on us forcing us to just aimlessly lump it into the channels. If we weren't ding that we looked like we had never played together, no one was on the same page.

Injuries wise, I'm not suprised that Rose pulled up the number of times he was made to sit down and after being called up. Hopefully Davis isn't concust and just has a lump of his head missing otherwise we are looking really short at the back.

Overall, not too worried after that its about time we started playing crap and winning games just shows we are finally gettting some football luck. UTM

Alan Shearer tackled by a blue peter presenter

Its taken 9 months for the board to see sense but finally Slade is out!!!!!!
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December 26, 2018, 5:37pm Report to Moderator
Whiskey Drinker
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Are you based abroad Bigdog ?
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December 26, 2018, 5:37pm Report to Moderator

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Jolley confirms concussed. Thats 2 weeks out...
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December 26, 2018, 5:50pm Report to Moderator
Whiskey Drinker
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In the car and delighted with the goal and points.
Vale are everything i hate, footballing dinasaurs, lump it to bruisers, dive and cheat. On that basis alone we deserved it!!

Nothing good about a trip to Vale Park
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December 26, 2018, 5:54pm Report to Moderator
Table Wine Drinker
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Have to say very big well done to all the players but special mention to Alex Whitmore, who has impressed me all season to be honest. When Davies went off he seemed to take control of everything that was sent into the box late on, not easy to do when your the only recognised centre defender playing a team with Vales threat with long balls.

Whilst Vale certainly had most of the play which was dominated by long balls we didn’t look in to much trouble other than a couple of spells in the second half, and the inevitable air raid in the final minutes. Albeit they did mount pressure at various points.

We certainly need to put our foot on the ball a little more and play through midfield when under pressure, something we’ve done well if late but not today.

Very impressed with how this team is blending and what it’s turning into - can win well (5-2, 4-0 etc) and can win ugly like today. Really do think Jolley is starting to get his message and influence across.

Roll on Exeter, which with our defensive injuries will be very tough.

All Town aren’t we
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December 26, 2018, 5:54pm Report to Moderator

Whiskey Drinker
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Great result. What the intercourse are we gonna do about a back four? Expect 2-3 to come in New Year’s Day?
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December 26, 2018, 5:58pm Report to Moderator
Champagne Drinker
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Do we know how bad the injuries are, do we have a timeframe for Famewo Vernam Hendrie and Davis who went off today also A Rose limping apparently, obviously we know about Collins
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The Old Codger
December 26, 2018, 6:00pm Report to Moderator
Special Brew Drinker
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Worried about the injuries, delighted about the points and confused by MJ saying that he's spoken to Jack Ross at Sunderland about EE but there's no news.

6 points out of 6 -  Merry Christmas off on me jolly's (no pun intended!), see you in January!
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December 26, 2018, 6:15pm Report to Moderator
Vodka Drinker
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Just back..played excrement but grafted out a win and you can see the spirit in this team.

Well done lads .

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