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The Great Grimsby Lock Out of 1901 now available.

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March 14, 2015, 7:35am
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PLEASE SEE BELOW. So pleased I've had the chance to reprint after 31 years, and many thanks to Shaun for enabling this by doing all the computer stuff that I'd have got absolutely lost in. The book is my thesis from Ruskin College, so it's not War and Peace, it's 15,000 words, but it highlights the largest industrial dispute ever to happen in Grimsby. Troops on the ground to strike break, gunship in the Humber, the Riot Act read twice.

All the money raised will be going to the First Base Charity in Dumfries, one of the fastest growing organisations in the town, who I do voluntary work for. Unfortunately they're a food bank, and always in need of cash. Please help out and support them. Had intended to keep it at the original £3 price, but because AMAZON take 35% have had to make it £4 to make it viable. Hope this doesn't put anyone off.

Your book is available in the Kindle Store!
Your book is available in the Kindle Store!
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Fishy Forum Fishy Boards Archive › The Great Grimsby Lock Out of 1901 now available.

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