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FA Trophy: away to The Dog and Duck

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December 1, 2014, 10:53am

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Don't think you need linos for Trophy games.

I also think you can play rush keeper if you are short of players.

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forza ivano
December 1, 2014, 11:03am

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paul hurst commented that his all out attacking approach had cost us at the dog and duck, and that for the replay he was relying on his new 8-1-1 formation to get us through on penalties after extra time. he did warn however that the dog and duck were a very dangerous side ,particularly arthur sidebottom, their 45 year old centre forward who is a class act at this level and 15 year shane Chavyoof who is attracting much attention from quality sides like little brimsdown on the hill fc
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December 1, 2014, 11:11am
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Quoted from Grantham_Mariner

No linesman to flag him offside then.....

No, it took him too long to get the handkerchief out of his pocket.

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December 2, 2014, 11:14am
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Quoted from MyDogsThoughts
Yes, the famous old league club Grimsby Town were drawn away to The Dog and Duck in Hicksville Nottinghamshire. Landlord Tom Haddon said "It is a dream come true", having spent a wet weekend in Cleethorpes in the 1990's he has always wanted revenge. His parents however won a Darby & Joan Christmas raffle in the 70's and they still talk about "that wonderful week in Meggy" even today.

The actual day saw the 25 Town fans who used the Battle Bus and the other 25 who made their own way fill Tom's pub and then quadruple their usual attendance. The local heros played well for the first ten minutes and then the Sunday League side tired for the remaining eighty. The TOWN  managed to hang on though and the game finished 1-1 with a much needed money spinning replay at Blundell park next Tuesday.

Paul Hurst, when asked for a comment on the game, said," There are no bad teams in this competition.  We ran the rule over them in their previous match against the Dog & Ferret, and noted a few good players.  We have worked out a plan to contain their free-scoring forward line and aim for a clean sheet.  A goal against a team of this quality would be a bonus!
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grimsby pete
December 2, 2014, 11:25am

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When town got a very important goal in the last minute to earn a replay at Blundell Park,

Hurst said, " I know a lot of fans thought we should have won this game 6-0 but they were a very good side, it was not a game we had to win, we live to fight another day,

just because we are at home in the replay does not mean it will be a certain win for us, we need the crowd to get behind us, this tie is not over by ant means."

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December 2, 2014, 5:28pm

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Post match interview with Paul Hurst revealed that their manager was disputing the Grimsby penalty goal , saying that their right back made a good tackle in the box,  but because the ref played darts for the pig and whistle he was biased towards the Dog and Duck
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