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Oxford facts - the REAL story....

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November 9, 2014, 8:51am Report to Moderator
Cocktail Drinker
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Quoted from 120797
To be fair he probably means how come I'm such a sad statto with too much time on my hands.
In any case my forum "approval" is already beyond recovery anyway mate so I honestly wouldn't worry !  

Your not a sad statto , think you really do care about your and my team . We have been and still are waiting for the excitement to return , but performances like yesterday don't help . Do you think we were just on the receiving  end on something that they have been promising all season ?. It might kick start them .
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November 9, 2014, 4:33pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
Kind of you both cheers.

Well I think so Doc but we'll see.
If I could predict every outcome I'd already be In Bahamas by now !  

I didn't see the Oxford MP preview until after the game but noticed Hurst at least made comment on the same issue of where Oxford would finish up.
Can't remember the comment (sorry I can't be bothered to go to MP right now) but got the impression he thought they'd finish much higher come season end too.
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November 9, 2014, 5:55pm Report to Moderator
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Oxford looked a pretty decent team to me though obviously our poor performance probably made them look a bit better than they actually are. Regardless, there was little comparison to the rubbish Northampton team who we defeated in the Cup last season when they were also struggling in the League above. I'd be surprised if Oxford didn't finish mid-table or higher come the end of the season.

Their young striker who picked up a couple of goals looked pretty useful and they had a few decent and nippy ball players in midfield as well so they certainly weren't a bad team.
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November 10, 2014, 1:09am Report to Moderator

Cocktail Drinker
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I thought oxford looked half decent to be fair, and all those previous match day comments reflect this. Yes we didn't play well but that was Down to them wanting it more. They were quicker to every loose ball, their midfield dominated us , they were very quick on the break and didn't allow us hardly a sniff at goal apart from the shop hitting the post and pear sons goal we created nothing. They were far better than I expected and certainly didn't play like a poor team lacking confidence. They will climb the table for sure.

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November 10, 2014, 8:26am Report to Moderator
Table Wine Drinker
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I agree with your defenders here 80's, even tough you don't need any. So many people who most likely do care about the club clearly care more about being rude. I believe it's called trolling. whatever, they are the ones wasting their time.
on the other Oxford thread (just back) i was surprised how many people thought that Oxford's current position in L2 and their record this season was enough to go on; we all know that teams are up and down all season, probably true for most of the teams in tiers 1 through to 9....sometimes Man U are totally useless, sometimes they are not. Point being that we didnt not play well and Oxford did, it doesn't mean we are not getting better, if it did mean that, I am sure we would all give up the ghost on this season now.
I thought our defending was the weakest I have seen it (just from the highlights, mind) and I thought they passed the ball well, broke fast and had great finishing. You can't think losing to a team performance like that means we are stuck in this league or that we will not survive in L2....last season we nearly beat Huddersfield and we took Northampton apart.....
So I am feeling ok as a Mariner right now, I think Hurst is doing ok and if he is going to experiment with a more aggressive formation then I would rather him do it in the cup than in the league games.
I do think we will go up this season and I think we will do it as Champions. Long way to go yet; Barnet will stumble.
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