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Paul Bignot

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September 14, 2014, 8:05am

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I know it's easy to jump on a scapegoat and our right back Paul Bignot seems the target of the day. But yep, sometimes the easy options are true!

Really, he is so poor it us unbelievable he is a professional, I can't believe Blackpool signed him, they never played him! He looks so uncomfortable in possession, he gives it square as any right back will do but he aimlessly punts it forward yet doesn't seem to fussed if he hits a black and white shirt, just relieved he hasn't got the ball anymore. He looks terrified if pressured by a winger and utterly clueless. He is awful in the air, can't pass, doesn't take responsibility, doesn't have a lot of pace, doesn't seem to talk on the pitch, lacks any sort of technique and seems to shrink when we need men to stand up. Look at his body language! Any decent left winger would love a go at him.

How bad can Paul Walker be? When Azza is back, we can move the excellent Magnay over to right back with Pearson and Nsalia at centre back but any sort of problems with them four and we rely on the clearly ageing Doig and the clown like Bignot. Not good enough for this football club.

Thought he had as good a game as anyone in the defence apart from Magnay yesterday Vic, they were all poor at clearing the ball out of the danger area, dropping Bignot at Halifax would not help IMO
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September 14, 2014, 8:14am
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He's not good enough. It was obvious last season and it was even more obvious in pre-season. He probably wouldn't be playing if we didn't have injuries, but that said, if we do persist with him as a weak link we are inviting that aspect to be exploited, as it has been already to great cost. I hope Hurst looks at alternatives.

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September 14, 2014, 8:43am
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He doesn't do a lot wrong, you just get the feeling we can do better. His positional sense often let's him down, he gets drawn in field marking someone leaving huge gaps in the rb area. Not saying the 2nd goal yesterday was his fault but it came down our right channel and I don't remember him being anywhere to be seen.

The quicker Aswad Thomas returns allowing Magnay to switch sides the better.

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