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Keep the guard up

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September 10, 2014, 7:31am
Table Wine Drinker
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Think everyone is being to defeatist about last nights result, the thing that worried me was that Hurst let our guard down and made some bad decisions. For the first half disley didn't no what his position was and was limping a fair bit, why change him for Paddy or is this his way of muscling his favourite back into the squad? We didn't have the same attack in us like we have done in these last few games barring aldershot, only up until the second half and fair play JLL will take a fair bit of stick but he should drop him and give hannah a blast, perhaps he could of been the bro last night but his lack of confidence in front of the goal is something that needs sorting out.

My theory is, hurst treated last nights game as tho lincoln where the bigger team and played it wrong, he needs to stop worrying about the big crowds and have it drilled in his head we are the better team and we can play the better football.

One Love GTFC.
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September 10, 2014, 7:52am
Table Wine Drinker
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We where lucky to go in 1-1 at half time after a disjointed first half display, and a Lincoln missed pen.
Hurst changed it at half time and we dominated and subjected Lincoln to Long Ball
we had 3 or 4 clear cut chances to score again in the second half and lost out in the end to Lincoln getting the vast majority of the decisions.
Definitely should have been one red card for Lincoln on Half way line and one of their players just wrestled Mckeown to the ground for their winner which of course the ref did not see / give.
Its gone,  and a lot bigger test now follows on Saturday and Tuesday playing teams that will be around us in the promotion mix (Lincoln will not)
Hurst needs to play our way and not tinker to accommodate how our opposition will / may play.

Fed Up but not lost belief.

Come On Town..
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