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The next 4 games

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Tangerine Chris
September 8, 2014, 9:09am
Old git with a sense of humour
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We have a very tough couple of weeks ahead, with Lincoln, Torquay, Kiddy and Halifax to play.  I think 8 points is very doable, what are your thoughts?


You can change your wife, your house, your car, but you can never change your team.
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Eddie Thompson OBE
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September 8, 2014, 9:16am

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Twelve and take it from there
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September 8, 2014, 9:19am

Recovering Alcoholic
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We should fear no body in this league, I would say 10 points would be a good haul over the next 4 games, I would say the toughest game is Kiddy, Will be a test for sure but we are more than capable of getting 10 or even 12.

Grimsby and proud!
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September 8, 2014, 10:40am
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The way we've played since people have being back from injury and suspension, I fancy us for 12.
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September 8, 2014, 11:30am

Meths Drinker
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My only wish is that we had taken 15-18 points from our relatively moderate start to the season. Tougher games now but they know we will be no pushover. Our record against the top sides is usually pretty good.

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September 8, 2014, 12:25pm

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We might get 0, but I see no reason why we can't get all 12.

“I hit the ball as though it owed me money.”
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September 8, 2014, 2:24pm
Brandy Drinker
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I still have Mare's of the Halifax game last term but we have a far better squad this season and in my opinion we have nothing to fear from them .Would love to do a Gateshead on them. I'm quietly confident we will get 12 points from the next 4 games,starting with 3 against the Gimps tomorrow night.
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September 8, 2014, 2:51pm
Whiskey Drinker
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Halifax seem even better this season, so far, despite losing Gregory.  Maybe they have adapted to this league after their first season? We were frighteningly bad away to them last season and I still think of it as a horror show.  In mitigation it was the time of Rob Scott leaving and the club was in transition.   Halifax were very good at home as well.

Halifax are due to lose a game some time though so why not to us?   We are certainly good enough and maybe consistent enough this season.
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The Singing Fisherman
September 8, 2014, 2:54pm
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Halifax have already lost a game haven't they?
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September 8, 2014, 4:53pm
Barley Wine Drinker
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Quoted from Abdul19
We might get 0, but I see no reason why we can't get all 12.

watch out for those splinters...

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