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Posted by: Garth, February 4, 2015, 10:15am
I am really pleased with the team that PH has assembled with a strong defence and varying options up front and out wide, however our midfield players are all very similar in their style of play and although Dis does his best to get forward into the opponents box,  I would have liked to have seen someone with the driving force and attributes of Cockers or a  Cunnington type player signed permanent or on loan to complete the picture.
Posted by: BIGChris, February 4, 2015, 10:23am; Reply: 1
Loan window opens next week but I dont think anyone else will come in.

I have said previously that i would like someone such as you describe
Posted by: dapperz fun pub, February 4, 2015, 10:33am; Reply: 2
Who to fill this role is affordable or available in the lower leagues ? Or who would everyone like even if probs not achievable in leg 2/conference? Just interested
Posted by: Jarmo.Is.God, February 4, 2015, 11:00am; Reply: 3
i thought our midfielders are different actually.

Disley, Attacking minded midfielder
Clay, Defensive minded midfielder
Brown, Box to Box type midfielder
Mclaughlin, calm passing type who can see and execute a pass
Posted by: Maringer, February 4, 2015, 11:07am; Reply: 4
I don't think you could really classify Brown as a box to box player. We are still lacking a bit of pace in central midfield but hopefully, our more mobile attacking options will make this less of an issue. One thing we do have throughout the squad is a willingness to work hard which should be a fundamental part of any professional footballer but, as we have seen many times, often isn't!

I'd guess that the budget for players is pretty much gone for now so, barring an injury crisis, I'd be amazed if a new central midfielder were to be signed on loan.
Posted by: gary_elton, February 4, 2015, 11:16am; Reply: 5
Brown and Dizzy work well together in midfield... PH just has to choose who else fits there with them
Posted by: Jaws, February 4, 2015, 11:47am; Reply: 6
Would have liked Matty Blair here but Mansfield just signed him and now he's out until the end of the season.

Don't particularly follow them but they seem to have a torrid time with injuries.
Posted by: diehardmariner, February 4, 2015, 11:54am; Reply: 7
I think Clay can be that man who can burst beyond the front two, he definitely looks to have all the attributes to do so.  I definitely don't see him as a defensive minded player, more box-to-box.

Disley has the natural tendency to go beyond the strikers and it brings success if only by the sheer number of goals he gets.  Sometimes I think he plays within himself a bit and ends up sitting too deep.  Not sure if that's as per instruction or not.  

Not sure I feel we need to bring anyone in, that would be bringing someone in for the sake of it in my eyes.
Posted by: acko338, February 4, 2015, 12:10pm; Reply: 8
With the new options up front, will that not naturally bring more space available to exploit for either of the current midfielders to make use of?

Strikers who can happily go wide can create spaces for Clay, Brown , Disley, and / or Paddy - they all have a decent long range shot - Diz can float in with headers.

The main thing is to keep them all fit and keen, so it's a four way fight for two places, depending on formation and which wingers are fit and in use.

if you're playing a 4/4/2, then both Mackreth and Neilsen come to mind as well as any two from several forwards.

Who'd be a manager with the current squad to keep happy?
Posted by: Grimsby2012, February 4, 2015, 1:05pm; Reply: 9
I would probably bring a Winger on loan, but that's about it really.
Posted by: jimgtfc, February 4, 2015, 1:09pm; Reply: 10
Quoted from Grimsby2012
I would probably bring a Winger on loan, but that's about it really.

But weve got Mackreth, Neilson, Jolley and Arnold. Also Paddy, Pitman and Winfarrah can do jobs out wide, is that not enough.
Posted by: SamTheMariner, February 4, 2015, 1:13pm; Reply: 11
Diz - Gets beyond strikers, puts his foot in and is a true leader, Hasn't quite got the legs.
Brown - Box to box, energetic, creative and a ball winner, inconsistent
Clay - Destructive and energetic, not a great passer.
Paddy - Creative and can execute a pass, but is slown and light weight.

They all have very good attributes but one fundamental one.
Posted by: Maringer, February 4, 2015, 1:51pm; Reply: 12
Personally, I reckon that Disley covers more ground than any of our other central midfielders. Not the most dynamic player with the ball at his feet, but he certainly gets up and down the pitch well and I think some underestimate his workrate.
Posted by: horsforthmariner, February 4, 2015, 2:11pm; Reply: 13
We don't need another Midfielder, We've gone 4 in central, 5 if you count Parslow. Most other clubs fans really rate Disley and Brown was wanted by a number of clubs in summer. Clay is pretty good as well and Paddy can do a job.

We've already brought 3 players in, any more and I think it will cause disruption and unless there is someone who can really add I would save the wages.
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