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Posted by: newfootballer, November 1, 2014, 11:17am
   I hope that today we as true Grimsby Town supporters can give a warm welcome to Phil Hubbard who was a Grimsby Town player in the early seventies under the role of the famous Laurie Mac.

Phil unfortunatly is going through the possibility of having part of his leg amputated. I along with other players from that era with the full backing of John Fenty have invited him to this afternoons game.

Although coming from Lincoln, Phil always keeps his interest in the Towns progress in the every day games. I thought that Phil when I was a player with him was a very good goalscorer and also a very active character off the pitch.

This afternoon Phil maybe not be able to get out on the pitch through his leg problem, but please give him a big cheer when he gets announced over the speaker he will be delighted.

Dave Boylen
Posted by: grimsby pete, November 1, 2014, 11:25am; Reply: 1
Sad news to hear about Phil's leg,

He was our record signing at the time and a very good player for us,

I will not be at the game today but send my best wishes.
Posted by: oldun, November 1, 2014, 1:40pm; Reply: 2
I remember great excitement when we signed him, record fee. In the days of long hair Phil looked like a vagrant, but was a good striker.
Posted by: HackneyHaddock, November 1, 2014, 2:10pm; Reply: 3
It's great that the club and Trust get the old players back to visit.  I don't get to BP much, but enjoyed seeing Trevor Whymark come out at the Chester game.  He was a bit before my time, but a name I'd heard a lot about from my dad's generation and obviously known as a great player from the Ipswich team of the 70s.  Last season it was great to see the Pauls Agnew and Reece, two players from my childhood.  I understand Clive Mendonca might be coming back soon too.

If I could make one suggestion though, it would be great to actually hear from the players when they go out onto the pitch or get announced.  I don't mean a 15 minute interview, but just a few words on how they're doing, to get them to share a favourite memory or game and to wish the club good luck.  This would help to bring the memories alive for the fans at the game, of all generations, rather than just seeing a middle-aged bloke walk out to the middle, wave a bit then go back down the tunnel.
Posted by: FishOutOfWater, November 1, 2014, 8:21pm; Reply: 4
Only just seen this post after getting back home from the match

Sad to hear that Phil has got this issue with his leg - hope he manages to overcome this problem

Good to hear everyone's applause when he came through the Pontoon. We don 't forget our old heroes and along with many other ex Mariners they hold a special place in our hearts and minds

I have another reason for a special interest in Phil - the only player we've had in my lifetime who shares the 'old as the hills' surname with me. If only they did names on the back of shirts when I was a kid there'd be no question whose I would have had

From one Hubbard to another - good luck for the future Phil and hope you're soon back on the mend

Posted by: MrsMariner, November 3, 2014, 9:19am; Reply: 5
There were four ex players applauded on to the pitch Hubbard, Boylen, Grey & Czuczman anyone know who the 5th guy was that walked round with them but then stood in the tunnel & didn't get invited on to the pitch?
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