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Posted by: AlanPoutonsTackle, October 6, 2014, 10:54am
I know it gets boring discussing Paul Hurst but i think the problems lay around his negativity. If he is reported correctly PH simply isnt a winner and that rubs off. Not for the first time i have read him saying that we are not in the battle for the title and we at best might make the play offs. Any manager at a full time club in this league should be buying players with the intention of winning the league and should be shouting this from the roof tops. Our budget isnt the biggest but it is big enough to really hit at this league and to assemble a squad you think may make the play offs simple isnt enough. I think PH sides are always the same. Struggle to get going and no real answer to well organised sides. The big wins show capability but the defeats/draws against poorer sides show lack of real belief. To add to this i question his capability of bringing in the right players. I honestly believe that managers who have been about a bit and earned respect with players will get these players in when available. We need a winner and i think Hurst as decent a bloke he is and not having an horrendous record simply will not push us on to where we need to be. I have read threads where people have asked what is success. The only success is promtion because without it we have gained nothing. That is the simple answer. The board need to step up. Understand that we are not improving/moving on and get in a man of experience. When Luton finally did it with Still they got success. Lets look at thier model and aim to achieve.
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